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Toronto school gets called out for Mother's Day sign and people have thoughts

One Toronto school came under fire this week after some parents criticized an "exclusionary" message posted outside the school regarding Mother's Day

Concerns about the sign were first raised by a local resident in a community parenting Facebook group, who questioned the greeting on the message board outside of Kew Beach Junior Public School.

The message, which has since been replaced after a wave of complaints and concerns, reads, "Life does not come with a manual. It comes with a mom." 

Some parents found an issue with the message and called on the school to replace the sign with a more inclusive greeting that includes other non-traditional families in the community. 

People noted that children with complicated relationships with their moms, two dads, or a deceased mother might feel left out or not included in the message posted outside the school. 

However, some expressed that the sign didn't seem ill-intentioned or offend them personally. 

Others demanded to know where the idea behind the sign originated, and if it could be altered to make a more all-encompassing message to promote better inclusivity in the neighbourhood. 

"Grade 6 students at Kew Beach came up with the first quote collectively as they prepare for Mother's Day this weekend, to share how much they care for and depend on their moms," TDSB spokesperson Shari Schwartz-Maltz told CP24 in a statement.

"Upon feedback, the school recognized that this quote does not reflect the inclusivity of our community, and took immediate steps to address the issue. The sign has now been updated with a new message of an encouraging acronym for May."

The new sign outside the school reads: "M: Make This Month Count, A: Accomplish Your Goals, Y: You Can Do This." 

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