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Toronto parking cop calls out Canada Post for ignoring city's traffic laws

Parking in downtown Toronto can be a downright nightmare, between constantly packed underground lots, sky-high costs per hour, and next-to-impossible street-side parking that'll have you turning bright red in embarrassment as you attempt to parallel park over and over. 

It seems like even Crown corporation vehicles are not exempt from the woes of trying to park in Canada's most populated city, although that's still no excuse to ignore the city's traffic laws completely. 

Parking Enforcement Officer Erin Urquhart recently posted a TikTok for her 300k followers that showed a Canada Post vehicle parked in a bike lane in downtown Toronto. 

"Do Canada Post trucks get tickets in Toronto? Somebody asked this in my comments a while ago, and yes, they do, especially in a bike lane," Urquhart explains in the TikTok, which has since amassed over 35k views. 

"In fact, a few years ago, Canada Post vowed to stay out of Toronto bike lanes, but clearly that vow has been broken a lot," she continues. 

Urquhart references a 2017 Toronto Star article regarding safety and bike lanes in Toronto, in which Canada Post vowed to quit blocking bike lanes in the city. 

"We are instructing our employees to not park in bike lanes in the City of Toronto. For pickups or deliveries, they are expected to find a safe location to park their vehicle," the Canada Post statement to the Star in 2017 reads. 

"If a safe parking location is not available, our employees are expected to avoid the stop, continue on their route and return any undelivered items to the depot." 

The Canada Post delivery truck was illegally parked on Beverley Street just north of Queen Street West. Urquhart issued the vehicle a $150 ticket for stopping in the bike lane, which prompted some comical reactions online. 

"The government giving the government a ticket," one TikTok user joked. 

"You should just camp there because people always park there and run into the LCBO," another person said. 

"Toronto needs better parking but kudos for doing the job so well," one person wrote. 

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