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This is what the future of parking lots could look like in Toronto

It's no secret that parking on any Toronto street can be a hassle. From constantly full lots, to ever-increasing prices, to awkward spaces, trying to park across the city is enough to give you a headache. 

However, the future doesn't look too bleak for drivers in the city, because the Toronto Parking Authority is reimagining their business model to support a more sustainable future, and this includes reconceptualizing parking lots in the city. 

In their 2023 Annual Operation Plan, the Toronto Parking Authority included an image of a future re-imagined parking lot. 

The modern lot paints a picture of what parking could potentially look like in Toronto in the future, and includes lots of innovative characteristics including: 

  • An electric bike share station 
  • Electric vehicle chargers 
  • Car share partnerships 
  • Courier/package delivery partnerships 
  • Community events (such as farmer's markets) 
  • Modernized parking payment technology 
  • Enhanced safety and security technology 
  • CafeTO: Curbside parking re-purposing 
  • "Greening" surface parking lot

The futuristic parking lot more so resembles a multi-modal mobility hub, with lots of points of interests to unite a whole community. 

Although there's no official date for when any of these innovative parking lots may appear, they're definitely a refreshing take from the current parking situation in Toronto.

Lead photo by

Toronto Parking Authority

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