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Sports car crashes into TTC streetcar in Toronto during busy commute

While car accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence in Toronto, it's definitely not every day you witness a sports car colliding with a TTC streetcar straight on

Reddit user @leslieviller uploaded an image on Wednesday afternoon that shows the aftermath of a collision between a Chevrolet Camaro and a streetcar in Riverside.

Based on the background, it looks like the collision occurred at Queen Street East and Lewis Street, just a block away from Broadview Avenue. 

While some were concerned for the well-being of the driver (who appears not to be injured), others poked fun at their driving skills, and questioned how they didn't see the massive streetcar rolling by. 

"Honestly officer, the 100-foot streetcar just came outta nowhere," one Reddit user joked. 

"And it's not even a close call. Dude hit the streetcar like five metres plus in," another person wrote. 

"Officer, the streetcar made a totally unexpected lane change!" a comment reads. 

Another user was surprised that the streetcar basically looked undamaged as a result of the incident. "For all the failings of Toronto public transit I guess it's sort of reassuring to know that at a minimum the hardware itself is physically safe from that kind of accident." 

Officers managed to quickly respond to the incident, which appears to have been cleaned up ahead of the afternoon rush hour. 

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