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Someone is hilariously offering a $2 reward for their 'lost' pet worm in Toronto

Lost pet signs posted to utility poles can be a heartbreaking sight to come by on Toronto streets, but one missing poster spotted in the city is bucking the depressing trend, instead offering passersby something to brighten their days.

Someone has posted signs in a humorous quest to be reunited with their almost-certainly-fake lost pet worm. And they're offering a hefty $2 reward (yes, two entire dollars) for anyone who can somehow identify and locate this missing terrestrial invertebrate, creatively named Sherm the Worm.

Spotted by Susan Grimbly on a utility pole in the vicinity of Agenda Coffee, on College Avenue near Grace Street, the missing poster describes Sherm as "long and pink, with ridges all over," and his ability to stretch anywhere from 3-30 cm in length "depending on the day of the week."

If you think you may have found this totally-not-made-up (wink) worm, please note that the poster states Sherm "does not respond to any name," you know, being a worm and all.

According to the poster, Sherm was last seen "on the sidewalk," and enjoys "long crawls by the garden. As would be expected of a worm, Sherm's dislikes include "birds" and "dryness."

Grimbly tells blogTO that others appeared to be enjoying the missing poster, mentioning two younger men taking photos and giggling.

blogTO reached out to the author of the mysterious worm poster via the email provided, though there has been no response as of writing.

I guess this owner isn't too anxious to be reunited with their totally-not-made-up-for-lols worm.

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