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Dog found in a Toronto park is breaking hearts across the city

A dog that was recently found wandering alone in the city's largest park is breaking the hearts of residents this week as her story — and her adorably dejected little face — makes its way around social media.

The unidentified red labrador retriever mix known only as ID#A883418 was taken in by Toronto Animal Services staff after getting lost in High Park over the weekend amid freezing temperatures.

It's not uncommon for the City to have to take in strays and hope that their owners come to collect them.

But, there is just something about this five-year-old pup's sorrowful, human-like expression in her shelter photo that is making locals work extra hard to help find her parent(s) — or a new home.

Facebook users are feeling for the sweet girl's confused and terrified looking eyebrows and are already offering in various community groups to foster and even adopt her just days after her rescue.

"OMG I'm gonna cry! Look at her sad eyes! She's so scared," one user wrote on a post about the doggo in the Lost and Found Pets Toronto group.

"You can see the sadness in her eyes... hope her family finds her," another added.

Some are speculating that she may have even been deliberately abandoned, but only time will tell.

The City of Toronto Animal Services North Region will continue to hold the lonesome lab for a few days, and if she remains unclaimed, will start processing her for adoption and eventually list her on its website.

Anyone who loses or finds a pet in Toronto is asked to contact 311 ASAP, especially during the current inhospitable winter weather

Microchipping and/or tagging your pets will help ensure they can get back to you as quickly as possible if they do make an escape.

Lead photo by

Toronto Animal Services

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