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Ontario is about to get hit with a 'Rex block'

An ominous-sounding weather pattern — called a "Rex block" — is headed for Ontario, but you'll be relieved to hear that the term doesn't actually have anything to do with dinosaurs. 

On Wednesday, Environment and Climate Change Canada posted a weather radar that showed an outline of a Tyrannosaurus rex looming over the majority of the province. 

The image sparked some concerned reactions about what the weather pattern exactly entailed, but the federal agency quickly verified that a "Rex block" simply refers to an atmospheric blocking pattern where high pressure situated north of low pressure prevents the progression of weather systems. 

Despite its alarming name (which honours its discoverer), the weather pattern means the province will experience an extended, stagnant period of warm and dry conditions over the next week. 

Toronto is forecasted to have clear and sunny skies throughout the weekend, with a high of 21 C on Saturday, and a high of 23 C on Sunday. 

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