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Calgary tourist lists favourite things about Toronto and here's what they said

With over 27 million annual visitors, Toronto remains the top-visited Canadian city by a long shot, with travellers from around the world flocking here each year to soak in the city's dazzling attractions, diverse culinary scene, and round-the-clock nightlife

One tourist from Calgary recently took to Reddit to detail their favourite things about Toronto after paying a visit to the city. 

"If I could afford Toronto, I'd move to Toronto. You have a great city! There's always something going on," the thread reads. 

The tourist then went on to list the parts of Toronto they most admire, which ranged from the city's endless stream of restaurants to its speedy public transportation. 

"Your downtown doesn't empty out after 5 p.m.," the tourist wrote. "The architecture is amazing! Especially some of the epic condo towers." 

The Reddit user also highlighted the city's variety of independent food establishments, and noted that they came across over 10 different ramen spots just within a short walking distance of their hotel. 

"Jays game is such a good time, and incredibly affordable! First time ever at Skydome (yes I still call it that) so I was able to check it off my 'things to do domestically' bucket list," the thread continues. 

"[You] can get anywhere with public transit, sometimes quicker than driving. My flight was 6:30 p.m. and I left for the airport at 4. The GO Train got me there 15 minutes faster than if I took an Uber!" 

As for the tourist's last key takeaway? "Kensington Market. No explanation needed," the post concludes. 

A similar thread written by a California tourist also made rounds on Reddit last week, with the visitor highlighting Toronto’s endless supply of Tim Hortons locations, cannabis stores, and of course, poutine.

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