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TTC streetcar tracks that have annoyed locals for years finally being fixed

A section of squealing streetcar tracks that have infuriated residents and business owners on McCaul Street for years will finally get some relief.

The TTC announced on Thursday that it would install new streetcar lubricators on the noisy stretch of McCaul streetcar tracks between Grange Road and Renfrew Place, particularly the notoriously-screechy McCaul loop.

Pending weather or any other unforeseen events, the installation is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, April 18, and last through Sunday, April 23.

The new streetcar lubricator installation near the entrance to McCaul Loop will cut down on squealing and grinding noises that disturb residents in the area; however, the solution to these disturbances will come in the form of even louder construction.

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The TTC warns locals that work will be carried out around the clock and will involve activities including concrete breaking, meaning short-term pain in exchange for long-term gain for those living and working nearby.

Concrete breaking is expected to conclude each night by 11 p.m., though this may still cut into the sleeping hours for some in the area. Work during overnight hours will likely be limited to placing new concrete and clean-up, which may still create some discomfort for any light sleepers.

The work zone will remain closed off after the new lubricator unit is installed to give freshly-poured concrete time to cure, and road obstructions will finally be removed by the morning of April 23.

Throughout the closure, vehicle traffic on McCaul will be restricted to a single lane in each direction, and on-street parking will be prohibited. Pedestrians will have access to the west side of the street, though sidewalks on the east side of McCaul will be closed off, with paid duty officers on site to assist.

Service on TTC routes will be unaffected during the closure, so that's one less inconvenience for locals to worry about next week.

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