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A Toronto public pool was just vandalized in the most hilariously creative way

Those strolling through Toronto's High Park this week may have noticed an unexpected change at the entrance to the sprawling public space's outdoor swimming pool.

The High Park Swimming Pool has temporarily taken on a new name thanks to some creative vandalism, now informally known as the "High Park Swim In Poo," if the unsanctioned sign modification at its entrance is to be believed.

Author and educator Shawn Micallef spotted the guerrilla sign mod and shared it on Twitter Tuesday evening, noting the vandals' exquisite craftsmanship in creating faux brick wraps to obscure the sign's lettering and give it a whole new meaning.

Micallef interprets what some would brush off as a childish toilet humour-based prank as a deeper statement on the legacy of John Tory's mayoralty, specifically the now-ex-mayor's austerity measures and budget cuts.

I'm going to be careful not to defend vandalism here, but one commenter notes that, as far as vandalism goes, this is (at first glance) a fairly non-destructive form that should be relatively easy for city crews to remove.

Other responses seem to suggest there is some validity to the sign's comedic claim, with a few commenters sharing past experiences where the High Park Swimming Pool quite literally became the High Park Swim In Poo.

Emphasis on the plural when I say "experiences."

If you think the "swim in poo" joke is an exaggeration of the truth, the U.S. Centres for Disease Control & Prevention states that the red eyes and chemical smell associated with chlorine in pools is actually the result of chlorine reacting with bodily substances, like, y'know, poop.

If that information doesn't prove a deterrent to your outdoor swimming plans, the High Park Swimming Pool and other public outdoor pools typically open for the season in mid-June and remain open through early September.

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Shawn Micallef

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