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People in Toronto are now boycotting Home Hardware

Dozens of Toronto residents are now boycotting Home Hardware due to the company's "engagement" with a specific advertising company that advocates claim "lock out unionized performers." 

In a recent post to a local community Facebook group, one Toronto resident informed other members that the home improvement retailer was one of the companies named on ACTRA's (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) boycott list

"Did you know that Home Hardware is on a boycott list issued by ACTRA, the union of Canadian performers on TV and film? Why? Because they buy their ads from a company that has locked out unionized performers for the last year in an attempt to break the union," the post reads. 

ACTRA is the national union of professional performers working in recorded media in Canada and represents the interests of over 28,000 members across the country. 

The union is comprised of actors, recording artists, stunt co-ordinators, dancers, voice performers, choreographers, models, puppeteers and much more.

"I love the people who work at the Queen Street franchise and talked to one of them about the boycott yesterday. He didn't know about it and said franchise owners probably have no control over what head office does," the post continues. 

"But until Home Hardware signs on to a company that isn't trying to bust a union a lot of my best friends belong to I can't shop there anymore." 

Other companies listed on the ACTRA lockout include H&R Block, Canadian Tire, Rogers, Wendy's, and Sleep Country. 

ACTRA specifically highlights the aforementioned companies for "engaging with an advertising agency that continues to lock out ACTRA performers." 

Under the lockout list, ACTRA provides a template of an email for advocates to send to the CEOs of the listed brands and agencies. 

"I will be boycotting your brand, products and service as long as you continue to engage an advertising agency that continues to lock out ACTRA performers. Like most Canadian consumers, I do not support union-busting," the email template reads. 

ACTRA states that they will gladly remove any brand from their national boycott if they instruct their advertising agency to sign on to ACTRA's National Commercial Agreement or move their ad work to an agency that is already a signatory. 

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