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Justin Trudeau just smacked down a PPC supporter and even haters are impressed

An interaction between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a People's Party of Canada (PPC) supporter is making rounds on social media after even critics praised the politician for "schooling" the man

Trudeau paid a visit to the University of Manitoba's Fort Garry campus on Wednesday to meet with students, highlight budget measures, and tour the school's engineering lab. 

A video filmed by Reddit user @NoahFromCanada shows the two-minute conversation between the Prime Minister and the PPC supporter, which ranged in topics from dental care to abortion rights. 

In the beginning, Trudeau and the man discuss dental care for low-income families. 

"You don't think low-income families should have access to dental care?" Trudeau asked. 

"I think they should," the man reveals. 

"You think they should? Well, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative party voted against that. So, already you see the party you support doesn't support that," Trudeau responds. 

The man then shares that he's not a Conservative party supporter, and aligns more with the PPC. 

"More PPC? Okay, so why's that? Why are you PPC?" Trudeau asks. 

The man responds that he aligns more with Christian values, and is against the vaccine mandate. 

"Okay, so mostly Christian. So you don't think we should be supporting Muslims?" Trudeau replies. 

"No, I think we should support everyone," the man says before stating that he's against abortion. 

"Do you think women should have the right to choose what happens to their own bodies?" Trudeau asks, after which the man replies "personally, no." 

"Do you think you should be able to choose what happens to a woman's body?" Trudeau presses the PPC supporter. 

"I think if they're sleeping around they shouldn't be allowed to abort the baby, personally," the man replies. 

Originally, the man states that he's "pro-choice" before correcting himself and maintaining that he's pro-life. 

"You don't think a woman should be able to make choices what they do with their bodies?" the Prime Minister asks, to which the man responds "with abortion, no, personally, no." 

Trudeau then asks the man if a woman who is raped should be able to get an abortion, and the man admits "that's where it gets complicated." 

"No, it doesn't get complicated, it's a yes or no. It's an all-too-common example. Women get raped all the time and it's something we have to take seriously. Should a woman who was raped be able to get an abortion?" Trudeau claps back. 

The man then admits that he's split "50-50" on the situation. 

"Well, it sounds like you need to do a little more thinking, and a little more praying on that as well," Trudeau said before patting the man on the shoulder and walking away. 

Even critics commended Trudeau for respectfully "educating" the young man, crediting the Prime Minister's patience on his past career as a teacher. 

One person even admitted that watching the video was the first time they liked Trudeau.

Many respondents credited the Prime Minister for his engagement with the man, who appeared to be "confused" about his values. 

Others applauded Trudeau for staying engaged in the conversation, despite the man repeatedly moving the "goalposts." 

One person noted that the young man seemed to benefit from the conversation.

Another person asserted that no matter which political party you align with, everyone can agree that Trudeau handled the situation well. 

Trudeau is set to make several other stops while in Winnipeg, including a meeting with trade workers, as well as a Passover celebration with the city's Jewish community.

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