ttc snow storm

TTC suspends entire transit line and deploys shuttle buses ahead of mega-storm

Before any new snow has even touched the ground, the Toronto Transit Commission has taken proactive measures to make sure your trip home before the incoming storm is as easy as possible.

The Line 3 Scarborough SRT will run until 7 p.m. on Friday, March 3, and will then be replaced by shuttle bus services — a move the TTC often relies upon when snow storms come.

Storm trains will run overnight to make sure the line can reopen as soon as possible.

Additionally, 41 bus stops located in hilly areas have been suspended as of this afternoon, to prevent any messy bus situations.

A full list of these closed bus stops can be found on the TTC website.

A planned Line 1 subway closure has been reserved, meaning the subway will run normally. Shuttle buses that were planned to supplement the subway closure have been redeployed for support during the storm.

These 50 extra buses will be transporting commuters along 11 routes and corridors "that see higher ridership on weekends," according to the TTC.

Areas that are being prioritized are located in Scarborough, the west end of Toronto and North York, while corridors are located along Jane Street, Finch Ave., Dufferin St., Lawerence Ave., and Markham road, among others.

Anti-icing and snow-clearing protocols are in place across all bus, streetcar and subway divisions. If any problems come up along 512 St. Clair, the route will be shuttered and replaced with shuttle buses.

Already on hand are privately-contracted tow trucks, ready to help any trapped vehicles, alongside the TTC's own fleet of snow-clearing equipment.

Any and all TTC updates will be posted on social media and commuters are urged to double-check the sites while traveling.

"As always, the TTC is committed to safe and reliable service in the most extreme weather, but operations can be impacted by adverse road conditions," reads the transit commission's website.

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