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Toronto reporter shuts down inappropriate guy during live broadcast

Photo bombs and unwanted remarks during live broadcasts have unfortunately become the norm and the source of many citable memes over the years. However, they almost always present an uncomfortable challenge for a person who's simply just trying to do their job. 

On Friday, CityNews anchor and reporter Michelle Mackey was reporting live from McVeigh's Irish Pub in downtown Toronto to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. 

Over the course of her segment, one pubgoer in the background is seen peeking his head over Mackey's shoulders for some air time, and is also seen making suggestive hand gestures. 

"I wasn't aware of what was happening behind me but watching the video back I feel so violated." Mackey wrote on Twitter. "Shocking that people would still pull this on live TV. Everyone can see you doing this, your parents, your employer....Felt good to tell him off on live TV when he tried it again."

The same man is seen lurking in the background as Mackey tries to film her broadcast, and after turning around, she finally tells the man, "you've had your time, off you go." 

Fellow CityNews anchor Melissa Nakhavoly also tweeted about the situation, writing that these types of disruptions affect female reporters way too often. 

"Was watching this disgusting behaviour while it was live and it grosses me out how a grown person can act incredibly immature and inappropriate," Nakhavoly tweeted. "This type of thing happens WAY too often. More often than made public especially to female reporters. Enough is enough."

Most people came to the defence of Mackey, praising her for standing up against the intoxicated pub patron and dealing with the matter professionally. 

However, others said they didn't understand the "outrage" and claimed that you can't expect to walk into a bar full of drunk people and expect "perfect behaviour." 

The overwhelming majority continued to stand up for Mackey, and noted that female reporters disproportionately face more inappropriate interruptions during live broadcasts than their male counterparts. 

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