toronto journalist harassed

Toronto reporter sexually harassed while talking about Hockey Canada sex scandal

A well-respected and dedicated broadcast journalist was sexually harassed live on air this week, ironically while discussing the ongoing Hockey Canada sex assault scandal.

The day in the life of a journalist is never easy, especially for women in broadcasting who, while out in the field, have to put with random men who feel entitled to do whatever they want.

This exactly what happened to BNN Bloomberg reporter Paige Ellis Wednesday on the streets of Toronto.

The hardworking journo was filming a live hit recapping the day's drama with the ongoing Hockey Canada scandal, which involves numerous allegations of sexual assault and rape, when some jerk interrupted her.

As she is in the middle of explaining Hockey Quebec's decision to not forward membership fees to Hockey Canada, an unknown male clad in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey comes up right beside her and utters a very disturbing statement.

"Get the baby c*** out of your mouth," the man repeats as Ellis reacts, quickly moving away in total shock.

"Sorry about that everyone, that really startled me," she tells her viewers.  In true rockstar-journalist fashion, she doesn't skip a beat and goes right back into the discussion.

The man continues to make lewd gestures in the background of the video before walking off screen.

Ellis shared the 17-second clip to her Twitter account with the caption "There's something grimly poetic about being sexually assaulted in a hockey jersey while talking about alleged sexual misconduct by hockey players."

Since her posting, many have commented to apologize that Ellis had to deal with the man, and are applauding her for her quick and professional recovery.

I would like to reiterate the same message: You're a dedicated reporter who doesn't deserve this type of disrespect in away, Paige! Keep doing what you're doing and know the city has your back. 

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Paige Ellis

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