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Someone is selling a TTC bus and it's actually pretty cheap

It's not uncommon to scroll past some peculiar items when browsing Facebook Marketplace, but one recent listing in Toronto might just take the cake. 

On Wednesday, a seller listed a 2010 TTC Orion Hybrid Bus for just $950, leading to a viral Reddit thread about how exactly the person managed to acquire the vehicle. 

We have been informed that this ad is likely a fake. Please make sure to do proper due diligence if you are thinking about inquiring about this purchase. blogTO was unable to verify validity of the seller and offering prior to publication of this article.

Others began to brainstorm about how they could renovate the vehicle to serve as a camper, a studio apartment, or even a commuter-run bus to fill in during rush hour on busy routes. 

"If you do this on Yonge when the subway is shut down I'll pay for the gas," one user said

"Wow! For a smidge less than six months worth of monthly Presto passes! I'm in!" another person wrote

"Damn with the price of housing. Make it into a mobile home on wheels. Seen enough YouTube videos for inspiration," one user commented

However, some speculated that the vehicle might've had its parts stripped down and may not even run. Others conspired that the listing is actually fake, claiming that most TTC vehicles are auctioned off. 

According to the listing on Facebook Marketplace, the vehicle is in "non-working condition" and sold "as is." 

The seller says that while the engine needs a little work and the right-side front light is missing, all the seats are still in the bus. 

The same seller also has a few other TTC buses on sale, including a 2006 Orion VII Diesel, which range in price from $999 to $10,800. 

Although it's unclear what the lucky buyer will use the vehicle for, many Reddit users continued to share their pitches. 

"You see a bus. I see a cheap studio apartment with lots of natural light," one person said. 

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