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Ontario's scandalous crypto king was allegedly kidnapped and tortured

New documents reveal that Ontario's controversial "crypto king" was allegedly abducted, tortured, and beaten for several days as kidnappers demanded millions of dollars in ransom in December. 

Court documents obtained by CTV News describe the incident at the end of last year, where the self-anointed crypto king, otherwise known as 23-year-old Aiden Pleterski, was kidnapped from his Toronto condo and driven around southern Ontario by abductors for several days. 

The young fraudster first made headlines in September 2022 after CBC reported that $2 million in assets were seized from him as part of a bankruptcy proceeding, including a Lamborghini, two McLarens, and two BMWs. 

At the time, over 140 creditors demanded to know where the $35 million provided to Pleterski through his company, AP Private Equity Limited, for cryptocurrency investments had ended up. 

Last August, Toronto law firm Investigation Counsel PC announced that they had received several complaints about a foreign investment scheme operated by the Whitby-born youngster. 

The firm stated that Pleterski had been collecting funds from investors under the impression that he would grow their money by trading it on a foreign exchange company, FX Choice. 

Court documents released on March 14 allege that Pleterski actually only invested less than two per cent of the millions of dollars given to him. 

The report alleges that he spent $16 million on luxury purchases, like private jets and vacations, and $45,000 a month to rent a lakefront property in Burlington. 

Appointed bankruptcy trustee on the case, Rob Stelzer, told CTV News that the crypto king was kidnapped for three days and driven through various parts of southern Ontario, where abductors "beat him, tortured him," and only allowed him to contact specific people. 

One of the individuals contacted, Pleterski's landlord, revealed in court that he was asked by the crypto king himself to pay $3 million for ransom. Just a few days later, Pleterski was eventually freed near his landlord's residence. 

The crypto king's parents have since agreed to return two other luxury vehicles, including an Audi S5 and a Volkswagen Atlas, and make a payment of $812,000 before June 30. 

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