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New ranking puts Canada among countries with the most-attractive people on earth

Canada seems to be known for a lot things when presented on the world stage; things like maple syrup, publicly-funded healthcare, cool banknotes, Tim Hortons and animals with fat tails or huge antlers.

Most Canadians are polite, some are really good at hockey, we all like to think we're hilarious and we all know we can crank out award-winning entertainers like nobody else... but are we hot? Are Canadians attractive?

A new ranking from the U.K.-based lingerie company Pour Moi suggests that a lot of people think so. At least on Reddit.

"We've crunched the data to discover [which country] has the most attractive citizens, perhaps providing you with a list of go-to destinations for your next trip if you're looking for romance," wrote Pour Moi this week in an article about the "most attractive nationalities in the world."

Not to be confused with an actual peer-reviewed research study, the company says it pulled the data for its ranking from "any Reddit posts that spoke about 'attractive', 'sexy', 'beautiful', 'handsome', 'gorgeous', 'good looking', 'pretty' and 'hot'," in the context of a specific country, during February of 2023.

The attractiveness score was then created based on the "number of posts, comments and upvotes" recieved, according to Pour Moi (which last year deemed Toronto one of the best-cities in the world for "hot girl walks".)

India was found to have the best-looking people of all 50 countries analyzed, followed by The U.S., Sweden, Japan and then Canada. Brazil, which enjoys a reputation for attractive people perhaps more than any other country, came in sixth.

France, Italy, Ukraine and Denmark rounded out the Top 10.

most attractive nationalities

Ranking of the "most attractive nationalities" as determined by Reddit posts in February of 2023 by

"We analysed Reddit data, scraping the number of posts and upvotes that spoke about attractive nations, to reveal which nationalities the world is most attracted to," reads the Pour Moi article.

"To bring the findings to life, we used AI technology to discover what these attractive nations might look like."

The company used the AI program Midjourney to create composite images of people, asking it to show them "what 'attractive' looks like" in each of the countires analyzed.

Canada's AI-generated male and female duo are undoubtedly attractive, even for fake humans, but many would argue that these faces don't really represent Canadians as a whole.

"It could be Canadians’ outdoorsy nature that means they are the fifth most attractive nation, according to our research," writes Pour Moi of the country.

"With incredible mountain ranges, lakes and open spaces on their doorstep, they are known for loving the great outdoors which can be a 'green flag' for a lot of people."

Whatever. We'll take it.

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Pour Moi

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