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Mississauga father was brought to literal tears by shocking $1 million lottery win

A trip to a Canadian Tire gas bar ended up being a life-changing event for a Mississauga man, walking out of the store on Southdown Road with a $10 Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) lottery ticket that would ultimately net him $1 million.

Jozsef Berki, a 34-year-old construction worker and father, is suddenly making all sorts of plans for the future after winning the top prize in OLG's Instant Jackpot Multiplier game.

He told OLG officials of the shock he felt upon learning he had won a million bucks, moved quite literally to tears by the earth-shattering realization.

"I shouted '$1 million!' and then cried happy tears. My partner was with me, and she was so excited, too," said Berki.

Berki plans to put his winnings towards starting his own business, looking into purchasing a home and new car, and getting out to see the world with some travel plans.

"It's a huge emotional feeling," said Berki. "I'm feeling many emotions, some of which I don't understand because I've never experienced anything like this before."

While the odds of winning any prize in the Instant Jackpot Multiplier game are actually not terrible at 1 in 3.57, the top prize of $1 million has astronomically lower chances of winning.

Berki certainly defied those odds, as the chances of him walking out of the gas station with a winning ticket stood at an unbelievably low odds of 1 in 1,502,900.

So if Jozsef Berki's story sounds inspiring to you, just remember that his odds of winning the lottery were about on par with his odds of finding a specific card out of almost 29,000 decks on the first guess with no magician training.

Other stories, like lottery winners taking home multiple huge prizes months apart, might make you want to go pick up a scratch ticket at the first chance you get, but first, you should probably look up OLG's published odds for the game to better manage your expectations.

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