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Marineland's last two walruses finally removed as facility comes closer to closing

It appears the seeming end of Marineland is coming closer as the last two walruses living at the facility have finally been removed.

According to the Canadian Press, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi has acquired Marineland's last two captive walruses, mother and baby boy duo Smooshi and Koyuk, who have been transported across the globe from Niagara Falls.

This move was confirmed by SeaWorld, which told blogTO "walruses from several zoos and aquariums, including Marineland Niagara Falls and the Quebec Aquarium, have been safely transported to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi."

Smooshi and Koyuk were joined by Boris the Walrus from the Montreal Aquarium. They all traveled together and will be housed in the soon-to-open SeaWorld Abu Dhabi a much larger and (obviously) newer facility. 

"At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, the walruses will live in groups in a modern specialized environment to advance their worldwide conservation. Their brand-new, state-of-the-art habitat is designed specifically for the species, enabling the walruses to live in an enhanced social structure within a dynamic ecosystem that includes fish and other marine animals," said SeaWorld. 

Marineland whistleblower Phil Demers, who has been trying to have the walruses removed for years, says this is the first time mother and son have been living together.

Demers is the same man who was accused of plotting to steal the 800-pound Smooshi, which resulted in $1.5 million lawsuit against the activist, which was later dropped.

Smooshi gave birth to baby boy Koyuk in June 2020, and the duo were rarely spotted together. Marineland responded to questions about this last August over Instagram.

"Recently we have been asked why Smooshi and Koyuk do not always make appearances during our daily presentations," wrote the attraction.

"As our care team has their best interests in mind, the walruses stay cool inside when the heat is above a certain temperature. Everything we do with the animals is done on a voluntary basis, with the animals choosing if they want to participate."

Koyuk and Smooshi were paraded as Marineland "ambassadors" in recent years, and often appeared in the park's daily shows. 

This move comes as news spread that the property could sell after a form was submitted to the Office of the Integrity Commissioner, regarding the "Sale of Marineland of Canada Inc."

Despite this removal, there are still many animals held in captivity at Marineland, including dolphins, sea lions, penguins, beluga whales and Kiska, the so-called "loneliest Orca on earth."

Black bears, bison, deer, elk, geese and ducks are also part of the facility's North American land mammal display.

Marineland did not respond to blogTO's comments requesting information on the removal of Smooshi and baby Koyuk.

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