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Marineland might finally close for good as owners eye sale of theme park

There's a place I know in Ontario... where a highly-intelligent marine mammal has been suffering in total isolation for more than a decade now, exhibiting signs of severe distress and deterioration, despite multiple legal complaints submitted on her behalf by activists who continue to remind regulators that it's illegal to torture animals in this province.

Wanna buy it? And set Kiska free? So that she, and all of the other animals trapped inside Marineland, can go live out their days in sanctuaries? As opposed to doing hard labour, for free, until they die? Wanna?

Well, unless you're a major property developer, it's unlikely that you'll get the chance (sorry.)

The owners of Marineland of Canada Inc. do finally seem ready to sell. However, after years of impending closure rumours, protests, petitions, animal welfare investigations and legit criminal accusations.

A lawyer representing the controversial Niagara Falls-based tourist attraction filed a consultant lobbyist registration form with Ontario's Office of the Integrity Commissioner earlier this month, explaining his intention as the "Sale of Marineland of Canada Inc."

Andrew Burns, who has represented Marineland for years, applied on Jan. 10 to "seek to influence the Office of the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport as well as other provincial legislators," according to The Canadian Press.

In addition to the sale of Marineland, the lawyer's lobbying goals are listed as "potential zoning changes to the property to permit development" and "potential financial support and tax relief for Park development of its operations."

The form also suggests that Burns wants to lobby for "potential requests for relief from taxation in connection with economic development of the tourism development proposal."

Marineland has yet to respond to a request for comment from blogTO, but animal rights advocates would be thrilled to see the park shut down to make way for literally anything that puts an end to what they allege is widespread inhumane treatment.

"Relocate the animals to appropriate enclosures where they'll be humanely treated and just bulldoze it down and make a park or something even SLIGHTLY more useful than f*ckin MARINELAND," wrote one Twitter user of the lobbyist registry news.

"Cue all the families who say 'we only went to Marineland once.'," wrote another, replying to new video footage of Kiska, the "world's loneliest orca," floating in solitude.

"Once is enough for the owners to exploit these sentient beings. Once buys more belugas. Once buys more seals. Once paves the parking lot and funds the snacks. Roadside zoos are an abomination."

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