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Kiska 'the world's lonliest orca' has died at Marineland

The famed orca whale Kiska, who had been living inside a tiny tank at Marineland in Niagara Falls for decades and was Canada's last captive orca, has died.

Animal Justice confirmed that the 47-year-old female whale had died on Friday at Marineland, calling for the controversial Ontario theme park to be investigated and prosecuted.

For the last 12 years of her life, Kiska has been living in solitary confinement, often spotted by drones above circling her tiny habitat, giving her the moniker of "the loneliest whale on earth."

Heartbreaking leaked videos seen by millions across the globe also showed Kiska floating lifelessly and bashing her body or head against the tank wall.

The orca was stolen from her family in 1979 at age three near Iceland and lived at various aquariums before eventually landing in Niagara Falls. She birthed five babies, who all died at very young ages.

Kiska was living in captivity on a grandfather clause that was given to Marineland as an exemption, since keeping whales and dolphins in captivity is now banned.

Marineland did not respond to blogTO at the time of publishing, but according to multiple news outlet, said "Marineland's marine mammal care team and experts did everything possible to support Kiska's comfort and will mourn her loss."

It is unknown how or what Kiska died from, but according to a statement from Marineland to the St. Catharine's Standard, her health had been declining in recent weeks.

"While no other orca will have to suffer the cruelty of captivity in Canada again, we are demanding justice for what Kiska endured at the hands of Marineland," said Animal Justice.

Rest in peace, sweet angel orca Kiska. 

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