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Community funeral planned for Kiska the orca at Marineland following unmarked burial

The disrespectful and fast burial of Kiska the orca following her death at Marineland last week has not sat well with devoted fans and animal activists, and now plans for a funeral are underway.

Kiska, aka the loneliest whale in the world, died from an alleged bacterial infection after spending most of her life in captivity at the infamous Marineland amusement park in Niagara Falls.

It was reported that poor Kiska was quickly buried on Marineland's property in a gruesome animal boneyard where multiple other dead captive animals have been laid to rest over the years.

Kiska's grave was unmarked and said to be in very poor taste, with no headstone or reminder of her final resting place. No celebration of life or public funeral was planned, either. 

Marineland has yet to public announce the death on any of its social media pages, with its last post published in February.

This move also begs the question of why the famous orca's body was not donated to a museum or research facility.

Well, now is your chance to pay your respects to the 47-year-old Orca and give her a proper burial.

On Saturday, March 18, a group of over 200 people (many of whom continued to protest for Kiska's release right up until her death) will gather on public property near the park facility to say goodbye.

"The event is open to anyone (adults and children) who would like to come together to give Kiska a final and loving goodbye since Marineland appeared to not even do that for her," said one of the organizers, Shadia Toderovitz.

The group will have goodbye signs, lay flowers, and light candles to say goodbye to Kiska.

Toderovitz said it's very important to the group to have some sort of respectful ceremony, saying the whale deserves it after her life of mistreatment.

"Her entire story and life is so heartbreaking. She was so loved by many and will be a sad memory for many of us. Humanity failed her."

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