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People think Toronto Mayor John Tory will take a leave of absence instead of resigning

The ongoing dramatic saga of potentially former Toronto Mayor John Tory has taken another wild turn.

Days after Tory publicly announced he would resign following admission to an affair with a former staffer, some people think he will stick around for a while longer.

As of Wednesday, Tory has yet to submit an official letter of resignation to the City Clerk, a requirement to make his departure official.

A few days ago, it was confirmed that Tory would continue his duties as mayor until the city's 2023 budget was passed, but his final date in office, or if he's even leaving, remain unclear.

That budget meeting is happening on Wednesday morning, and protesters have gathered outside city hall to demand that Tory take his word to step down.

But inside the building, it appears councillors are debating whether the 65th mayor should resign, or instead, take a formal leave of absence and return to his post at a later date.

Ward 16 Councillor Jon Burnside is one of the councillors pushing for a leave of absence to let the drama settle, according to Toronto Star journalist (and one of the reporters who broke the story about the affair) David Rider.

Councillor Frances Nunziata is also a fan of Tory staying on the job and told reporters at City Hall that the mayor did make an error in judgment but that it's "not a reason to resign."

Others aren't so keen on this idea, and some are genuinely confused about what the heck is happening.

Typing 'John Tory' into Twitter will bring up many results from residents who believe he should step down — and others who aren't as sure.

Seeing as Tory had an inappropriate relationship with his junior staffer, some say that his conduct should be investigated, and that if he would like to stay on, it should happen sooner rather than later. Tory has indeed asked the Integrity Commissioner to look into the issue.

Of course, it's an incredibly bad take to say that you take full responsibility for the affair, announce your departure, and never leave. 

Tory decided to announce his departure shortly after The Star exposed his affair.

It appears the Ontario Premier Doug Ford is a fan of Tory and doesn't want him to resign either.

Either way, it appears Tory's legacy will be shrouded in extramarital drama and (dis)honesty.

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