Frozen Lake Ontario

Toronto Police say don't walk on Lake Ontario after 3 people fall through ice

After this past week's polar vortex plunged the city into a deep freeze, people were spotted braving the cold to go walking or skating on Lake Ontario over the weekend.

Some people were seen gliding across the ice near the Toronto Islands, while others ventured onto the lake to snap a few photos.

However, due to the otherwise mild winter and fluctuating temperatures, Lake Ontario is not completely frozen and it is very dangerous to go out onto the ice.

The ice isn't maintained or patrolled, and those who choose to venture onto it do so at their own risk.

This morning, three people fell through the ice and are now in the care of paramedics.

Toronto police say that two fell through the ice while skating, and the third fell through trying to rescue them.

They were spotted in the water around 8:30 a.m. near the Toronto Islands and were rescued by The Marine Unit.

“Please stay off the ice- it is NOT safe!,” police tweeted.

Lead photo by

Kris Pangilinan

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