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Ontario man wins $1M but all he can think to buy is a new laptop and some books

You could buy just about anything with a million bucks. Maybe not a house in Toronto at current prices, but certainly some life-changing purchases, including vacations, maybe a backyard swimming pool, or wherever your newly-wealthy imagination can take you.

One Ontario man has very humble aspirations for his new riches after winning the $1 million top prize on an OLG INSTANT X ticket.

He just wants to buy a new laptop and maybe some books to read.

Robert Hayter purchased a $10 ticket at a Metro supermarket on Carling Avenue in Kanata. That investment netted the 54-year-old computer engineer five extra zeros, taking the top prize of a million bucks.

Hayter regularly plays LOTTARIO and INSTANT tickets, but said this was his first big lottery score when collecting his winnings at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto.

He was going through his morning routine of scratching off a ticket while sipping on a cup of coffee, when reality gave him more of a shock than any jolt of caffeine ever could.

"I was looking over my ticket when I thought, 'Is this a $100,000 prize?' I'm a very skeptical person. I thought, 'What are the odds of me winning $1 million?' But it was true… I won $1 million!"

So what will Hayter do with all of this bounty? In what might be the most down-to-earth plans of any lotto winner in recent memory, the lucky winner told OLG officials that he really just wants to invest for the future and purchase a new laptop.

"I might also order some books to read," he concluded.

A true man of the people.

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