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Man filmed brazenly stealing from a Toronto mailbox in broad daylight

If you live or work in Toronto's posh Bay and Bloor area and sent some important mail this week, you might want to reach out to the recipient and confirm receipt.

Puzzling criminal behaviour certainly feels like it's on the rise lately, and it's become so commonplace that even a brazen daylight theft on a busy shopping street was basically ignored by most passersby.

A video making the rounds on social media, apparently filmed this week, shows a man tipping over a Canada Post mailbox at the northwest corner of Bay and Bloor and proceeding to steal and stuff his pockets full of the bounty hidden within.

Though the original post on TikTok notes that police were notified of the blatant theft, pedestrians and motorists can be seen passing the active crime, going about their business as if nothing is wrong.

Despite the poster's claim, a representative of the Toronto Police Service was unable to verify or comment to blogTO on the activities shown in the video, and later confirmed that officers at 53 Division had received no report of this incident.

Whether in an attempt to hide the evidence or just a kind gesture of goodwill, the perpetrator proceeded to hoist the mailbox back into position after stealing its contents.

Multiple comments showed surprise at the fact that these mailboxes aren't secured to the sidewalk.

The city is in the grips of an apparent mental health crisis, and some commenters suggested that this brazen theft could just be another case of a person in distress.

It goes without saying that stealing mail is an offence under Canada's Criminal Code, something that appears to have been low on the list of concerns for the man shown in the video

So if you're expecting something important, like perhaps a cheque from a tenant, maybe you should take their word this time when they tell you it's in the mail.

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