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Doug Ford loses his cool with reporters asking about daughter's stag and doe

Premier Doug Ford remains in the hot seat over a stag and doe party held for his daughter's wedding in August, despite being cleared of wrongdoing by Ontario's Integrity Commissioner for the shindig, which was well-attended by Ford's real estate developer friends.

News of the party, where invitees were allegedly "browbeaten" into buying $150 tickets in what attendees have described as a "pay for play" event to Global News, has been a hot topic for weeks.

Reporters have refused to let the issue go, however, and the stag and doe party was once again brought up during a Wednesday press conference in Brampton, where Ford announced an investment in an electric vehicle manufacturing facility.

Ford looked visibly annoyed when the stag and doe event was brought up, saying, "I know the rules, I have been in politics for years. It has been 100 per cent cleared by the integrity commissioner."

"This is the first time in Canadian history you go after any premier's family, which there used to be an unwritten rule [that] you don't do that, go after any mayor's family, any prime minister, but, I guess, when it comes to us there's different rules."

"It's absolutely ridiculous. About a $150 stag? You've got to be kidding me," vented Ford.

Ford thought he was free and clear of the uncomfortable topic, but the very next question from Global News' Colin D'Mello pressed the premier for more details about donations from developers at the event.

Ford could only muster an angry smile at the continued interrogation.

"Oh, you've gotta be kidding, Colin. You've known this for years. No one can influence the Fords," the premier clapped back.

"The boys took care of that, I was glad to see people came by," said Ford, specifically referring to his police officer sons-in-law handling the ticket fees and donations.

"My daughters, three out of four, are with police officers. The place was packed full of police officers."

Well that doesn't sound shady at all.

Nothing to see here folks.#onpoli

Oh, well, in that case, nothing untoward could have possibly gone on, given the pristine, unblemished records of cops and the not-at-all-polarizing attitude towards heavy-handed policing tactics.

Ford went on to praise police as champions, but one commenter points out how Ford's apparent love of police was not on full display when he refused to testify at an inquiry into the 2022 Ottawa convoy occupation where police officers were pitted against far-right protestors.

Ford may have been cleared of wrongdoing by the integrity commissioner, but the jury is still out in the court of public opinion on this stag and doe event.

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