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Toronto under special weather warning with freezing rain expected to wreak havoc

Get out the salt (or sand) Toronto, because a special freezing rain warning has been announced for the city and it's gonna turn every sidewalk, road and step into a frozen nightmare.

Environment Canada issued a weather warning for the City of Toronto in advance of Tuesday, Jan. 17, when a period of freezing rain is expected to hit during the morning hours.

"Ice accretion up to a few millimetres is possible on untreated surfaces," said the government agency.

The icy droplets will transform over to light rain by late Tuesday morning or early afternoon, according to EnviroCan, leaving a slick landscape in its wake.

This is especially dangerous for highways, roads, walkways and parking lots as they become icy and slippery.

Given the timing of this weather event, your morning commute will probably be impacted and could take longer than usual.

"Slow down driving in slippery conditions. Watch for taillights ahead and maintain a safe following distance," Environment Canada advises drivers. 

The forecast for Tuesday morning reports a mix of rain and snow in the very early hours, before turning into complete freezing rain from 6 a.m. until noon.

Environment Canada will continue to monitor the system and update the warning if necessary.

For those of you out there without winter tires (like me) it's probably best to keep the car parked and walk or take the TTC instead — however long it'll take. 

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