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Toronto politician joins weird trend of boasting about how much he pollutes

We live in an era of political polarity so intense, that even your choice of household cooking appliance has become a cause célèbre worth arguing about with strangers.

If you've seen a spike in discussion about gas stoves on social media in the last few weeks, you're not alone, and now, an outspoken Toronto politician has hopped on board with the trend of boasting about how sweet his gas stove is.

Former York Centre MPP Roman Baber is no stranger to controversy, ousted from the PC caucus in 2021 over his stance on provincial lockdown measures and later leading a failed bid to lead the federal Conservative Party on a platform that included heavy investment in oil and natural gas as well as a proposed defunding of the CBC.

His campaign to lead the country may be dead and buried, but Baber is staying true to his fossil fuel-loving persona with a tweet boasting of his gas stove, his V6 Jeep, and his patronage of establishments that still use single-use plastic bags.

If you're wondering why anyone would or should care about how a disgraced politician cooks their food at home, honestly, that makes two of us.

It's a trend overtaking right-wing circles on social media since a Democratic member of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) told Bloomberg News that gas stoves could potentially be banned due to their health hazards.

Like basically everything from M&Ms to Mr. Potato Head, among other things that shouldn't be FOX News talking points, gas stoves have become a proud symbol of political alignment basically overnight in the latest confusing development in a left vs. right culture war.

The gas stove brag trend is a collective rebuke of environmental policies shared by the U.S. Democrats and Canada's Liberal Party, one that continues to gain steam even after the U.S. CPSC clarified its initial statement and confirmed that there are no forthcoming plans to ban gas stoves.

Voices on the right either didn't get that memo or chose to ignore it. Even in Canada, it appears there are no plans to look into a ban on gas stoves.

Earlier in January, CTV's Pat Foran reported on the controversy and the potential for it to spill over into Canada, finding that Health Canada has indeed conducted studies on the issue, suggesting that ventilation is effective enough at reducing indoor air pollutants associated with gas stoves.

But that hasn't stopped a tidal wave of stove photos from appearing on social media feeds, and reactions from people who just don't give an atom of a f**k what energy source you use to power your culinary exploits.

For anyone deadset on sharing their stove pics with the world, may I recommend some other cringe photo options?

How about a picture of an airplane wing from the window of your flight to a regional Arizona airport or that $100 tiny plate of overly-styled food that left you feeling hungry three minutes later?

Social media is hungrily waiting for your mundane life updates.

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