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Video shows aftermath of traffic-stopping plane crash near Toronto's Hwy 404

A small plane was forced to crash-land on a road just north of Toronto this afternoon, undoubtedly scaring the bejeezus out of drivers on 16th Avenue as the road turned into a makeshift runway near busy Ontario Highway 404.

York Regional Police reported just before 1 p.m. on Monday that "a small airplane crash" had occurred near Markham's Buttonville Municipal Airport, asking drivers to avoid 16th Avenue between Woodbine Avenue and the 404.

"Everyone is safe and accounted for at this time," said police of the incident.

Audio taken from a live aircraft control website suggests that the small aircraft, a Slingsby T67C, detected mechanical problems right after taking off from Buttonville.

"Mayday, Mayday... T67 with engine failure returning to the runway," someone can be heard saying in the clip.

The plane somehow eventually came to a stop on 16th Avenue, just steps from the small municipal airport. Luckily, traffic was light enough at the time that nobody was hurt – though one driver did tell CityNews that he was unable to avoid the wreck completely, running over part of it with his car.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has announced that it will be "deploying a team of investigators following today's accident involving a Slingsby T67C aircraft near Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario."

Officials have yet to reveal what caused the crash, but it's of note that this isn't the first time a small plane has used a local road or highway to land near Buttonville in recent years.

From the cool pilot pivot captured by traffic cameras on Highway 407 in October of 2021 to the "unscheduled landing" of a four-seater Cessna in August of 2020, aircraft in places where they shouldn't be have cost Markham residents countless hours in traffic delays over the years...

Some are wondering aloud, in light of this latest crash, if it might be time to move the Buttonville airport farther afield, but as for today's evening commute, it's all good.

Police in York Region announced shortly before 4 p.m. that roads had reopened and that traffic is once again moving in all directions on 16th Avenue.

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