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One of the Great Lakes has a low-key hilarious social media presence

Talking lakes are no longer material from nightmares or legends of Poseidon. The largest of the Great Lakes has apparently become self-aware and now communicates with humans through her very own Twitter account.

The self-described G.L.O.A.T (greatest lake of all time), Lake Superior is now sharing its thoughts through Twitter with the hilariously clever @LakeSuperior account.

The 82,000 square-kilometre Lake Superior uses she/her pronouns and is known for her water-related puns like #BigBeautifulWater, a riff on the body-positive #BBW hashtag.

The account is a combination of jokes, critical information about Lake Superior (hello, alarming salt levels) and retweets from all of her devoted fans.

The lake is also selling her own bumper sticks, with provocative messages like "Lake Superior Got Me Wet," and even went live on the infamous Christmas storm providing followers with the sounds of her angry waves falling and crashing.

"Swoosh plip bulge burble pitter splash blup, shuh shuh?" was the fitting name for that live Twitter Space, because, of course it was.

The lake, which is located between Ontario, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, often responds to her followers, throwing some slight nautical shade their way.

Take, for example, this tweet from Dec. 21 where Lake Superior hailed the forecast of "thirty footer" waves.

When told to not be an overachiever, Superior sassily responded with, "sweetheart, I crossed that line a loooooonnggg time ago."

Another instance shows a follower asking Superior how high her waves were during a recent storm. She responded with "somewhere between Cypress Hill and Snoop Dogg."

The lake is not only shouting out hip-hop royalty. She's also getting noticed.

Lake Superior is so iconic that the one-and-only Flavor Flav responded to her answer, saying, "those some Flavor Flav waves y'all got there!" 

Being the savvy-business woman she is, Lake Superior also has her very own Patreon account that rakes in around $170 a month thanks to her 38 patrons.

I'm starting to wish I was a Great Lake influencer. 

But it's not just the jokes, Lake Superior also makes sure to pepper in some important content like the state of Buffalo Reef, a 2,200-acre natural cobble feature that needs environmental protections. 

I, myself, applaud Lake Superior's humorous personification. Why else would almost 250k people (and counting) follow her account?

Here's hoping Lake Ontario takes a hint and starts tweeting about annoying Toronto Island party-goers, goose crap and entirely too many cormorants.

Lead photo by

Weston M Via Unsplash

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