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Five Toronto-area coworkers have some wild plans for their $1 million lottery prize

A dedicated group of five Greater Toronto Area coworkers have many things to look forward to after cashing in a big prize worth $1 million.

These warehouse workers have been faithfully playing the lottery as a group for five years, and now their time has finally come - after correctly matching seven numbers for the LOTTO MAX MAXMILLIONS draw from October.

The group will split the money evenly, each taking home $200,000, more than enough to splurge on all kinds of wish-list purchases and trips to far-off destinations.

Seeing that big number on the screen was quite a shock for Ketheeswaran Thurairajasingam of Pickering, who had the tough job of convincing the rest of his friends they did, in fact, score big on a winning ticket.

"I had to check the ticket three times – When I saw six zeroes, I was so excited," said Ketheeswaran when collecting his novelty oversized cheque at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) prize centre in Toronto.

Loganathan Sanmugarajah of Markham and Gnanakalathevi Amirthalinkam of Scarborough will be buying their dream home (a wild plan considering today's housing prices) with their jackpot money, while coworker Mark Brown of Whitby is planning a tropical getaway to Aruba.

"It was a big shock for all of us," said Gnanakalathevi.

Together the group will celebrate over a fancy dinner, I'm sure with many cheers, laughs and maybe even some tears as they all soak in this life-changing event.

This lucky $1 million ticket was purchased at Luzon Convenience in Markham.

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