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Drunk driver tries to run from Ontario cops and let's just say it didn't work out

If you're going to break the law in our modern, connected society and then immediately proclaim your innocence, just remember that a camera almost certainly saw it all go down.

That's one hard lesson an alleged drunk driver learned just one hour after the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, during a run-in with York Regional Police (YRP).

The YRP has been shaming law-breakering motorists through a series of videos that use sports-style instant replays to catch them in blatant lies, and the latest clip in the series is a stark reminder to drivers that the cameras are always rolling.

"I wasn't even trying to run," the video begins, showing a man (identity obscured) led towards a cop car by officers. "You weren't trying to run? You're on camera!" states one of the officers, before the video rewinds to explain how the situation unfolded.

The video shows a police dashcam view of a driver failing to use their headlights after dark, a big no-no in the rules of the road.

Officers pull the vehicle over and the driver attempts to tell them he was just parking the car, but cops aren't convinced, and one of the responding officers asks the driver, "how much have you had to drink?"

The driver attempts to play it cool and tells the officer, "nothing, I haven't had nothing to drink," but the officer brushes the explanation off, telling the driver to "get back in the car, you were driving without any lights on."

And that's when things take a turn.

The driver apologizes to the police officer, possibly because of the whole headlights thing, or perhaps it's an advance apology for what happens next.

Almost as soon as the apology leaves his mouth, the driver breaks off in a sprint with the officer making chase, shouting, "you're under arrest for impaired driving." The cop then lands an epic NFL-level tackle to bring the suspect into custody.

Despite the suspect's insistence that he was in no way trying to evade arrest, a hilarious police instant replay is narrated "upon review of the play, the suspect engages in a distinct running motion."

YRP stated that the suspect "blew well over the legal limit and was charged with impaired driving."

The video has generated all sorts of hilarious responses, including one referencing the obviously red-handed situations described in the Shaggy classic, It Wasn't Me.

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