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Police hilariously use 'instant replay' to immediately catch Ontario driver in a lie

It's so much harder to pull off a lie in the digital age, as one York Region driver discovered during a recent traffic stop.

York Regional Police (YRP) shared a rather comical account of the traffic stop via Twitter on Tuesday morning, when a driver attempted to fib their way out of a ticket after being pulled over by cops.

The video shows a driver making an illegal right turn through a red light at the intersection of Major Mackenzie Drive and Bayview Avenue in Richmond Hill. Unfortunately for the driver, YRP Officer Poole was waiting in an Esso station at the intersection's southeast corner, and immediately sprung into action.

Poole explains to the driver of the dark grey Jeep, "The reason for the stop is when you were travelling northbound on Bayview, turning right on Major Mack, it was completely a red light. So you ran that red light. Also, there are signs saying you're not allowed to turn right on a red light."

But the driver — unwilling to accept defeat just yet — attempted to get out of the looming ticket, telling the officer, "I thought it wasn't red."

Poole immediately corrects the driver, confirming, "Oh, it was red,"

When the driver further challenges Poole, the officer decides to end the dispute once and for all with good, old-fashioned instant replay.

"I'll just go back and check the replay, okay?," says Poole.

And with some comedic editing playing on the ongoing FIFA World Cup and discussion of Video Assistant Referee (VAR), the replay proves that the light turned red over two-and-a-half seconds before the driver even entered the intersection.

After reviewing the call on the field, Poole walked back to the car with some proper referee energy, informing the driver that, "on further review of the instant replay, the light was indeed red. It was completely red."

The driver seemed surprised at the revelation, but that likely didn't spare them a costly ticket for their attempt to shave a few seconds off their drive.

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York Regional Police

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