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Winter storm leaves behind spectacular frozen ice formations in Toronto

Last week's winter snowstorm saw major temperature drops that caused ice to cover not only roads but street furniture and natural fixtures and all around Toronto.

The R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant in particular was left frozen, with ice formations visible not only on the viewing points but also on rocks alongside the beach.

ice formations

The phenomenon occurs on shorelines when layers of ice form over rocks and different structures, creating unique forms only nature could make.

ice formations

Two viewing platforms were both completely covered in ice as of Wednesday. One had icicles dripping down the sides of it.

ice formations

Meanwhile, the other lookout point was so completely frozen over that you couldn't even see the railing at the end of the dock.

ice formations

The trees and rocks beside it where also fully encapsulated in ice, with a bit of the wood from the tree sticking out.

ice formations

Rocks along the shoreline were glazed over as well, with their vague shapes and some points peeking through.

ice formations

The site looks like Jack Frost had turned it into a frozen winter wonderland.

ice formations

The pier is still completely frozen as of Thursday, so it's not recommended to walk on it, as it can be slippery and dangerous.

ice formations

If you want to see these nature-made sculptures yourself, head to the most eastern end of Kew-Balmy Beach, where you'll find the largest city plant providing clean water. The site is open to the public to check out the view of Lake Ontario.

Make sure to act quick as the temperatures are set to rise, melting these formations away until the next deep freeze.

Photos by

Fareen Karim

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