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Toronto is excited about getting a new beach but not what it needs to give up to get it

A new beach is being developed along Toronto's waterfront at Ontario Place, but many people in the city aren't too happy about what's being lost in return. 

The Ontario government is proposing to build a swimmable beach, extended parkland, and a large private spa complex as part of the redevelopment of Ontario Place

Although many people in Toronto are ecstatic about getting a new beach, the rest of the site plan - specificially the private spa - is ruffling feathers for involving a commercial franchise. 

While some have criticized the proposal, others are choosing to see the positive in the situation and are excited about plans to restore the waterfront with a new swimmable beach.

But many maintain that the new beach simply isn't worth privatizing a section of the public parkland. 

Another person said the beach could’ve easily been restored without compromising the public parkland around it.

The Ontario government's proposal involves a $350-million recreational facility to be built by Austria-based company Therme Group on Ontario Place's west island. 

Although roughly two-thirds of Ontario Place would remain open to public access, the glass-walled spa complex with indoor pools, saunas, and botanical gardens would charge a daily adult entry fee of at least $40. 

Some are calling the proposal a "vandalism of Ontario Place" and criticizing the provincial government for surrendering public land to a for-profit company. 

Renderings from Therme Group show the reimagined 155-acre waterfront site, with a stunning beach and towering glass spa complex. The company says they will also build 12 acres of new public space at the site. 

The project imagines beginning construction in 2024 and opening in 2026. 

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Therme Group 

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