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vaughan christmas tree walk through

Canada's tallest walk-through LED Christmas tree is now open for free near Toronto

Nathan Phillips Square's Cavalcade of Lights and the temporarily-treeless Eaton Centre are typically the top destinations for enormous Christmas trees, but the Toronto area's biggest tree might be one that was newly unveiled just north of the city in the burgeoning Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC).

And you can even walk through the base of this colossal conical display, in what is being hailed as the country's tallest walk-through LED tree experience.

The new tree was unveiled in a Nov. 30 ceremony at 100 New Park Place, kicking off the City Lights at SmartVMC festival.

Standing an impressive 34 metres, or 114 feet, above the SmartCentre Bus Terminal at VMC subway station, the tree gives the GTA's more established trees a run for their money.

That's eight freakin' storeys tall.

That is indeed a shade taller than the (not present in 2022) Eaton Centre's 32-metre tree and almost double the height of Nathan Phillips Square's 16.75-metre tree installed this year for Cavalcade.

Created by responsive lighting and digital media company urbanvisuals, the tree features over 70,000 LED lights, forming something of a tree-shaped screen that can be programmed with animated displays.

And, of course, you can take all the selfies you want while walking through the tree's glowing tunnel base.

The completely free attraction will remain on public display until January, and is sure to make a fun addition to your holiday camera roll.

Though it's technically in the 905, urban dwellers can easily check this fun attraction out, with the tree and festival set up just steps from the TTC's VMC Station.

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SmartCentres REIT

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