Lotto 6/49 winner

Toronto man wins millions after playing the same lottery numbers for over a decade

A Toronto man's lucky numbers have made him $5 million richer, becoming one of the latest big Lotto 6/49 winners.

Since moving to Canada 12 years ago, Marlon Llido has been playing the lottery with a special set of numbers comprised of "significant" family dates.

His consistency finally paid off last month, when his regular numbers won him $5 million in the October 5 Lotto 6/49 Classic Jackpot. 

The winning numbers for the October 5 draw were 03, 06, 10, 19, 28, and 31. The bonus number was 02. 

In addition to his jackpot, Llido won an extra $28 from another Lotto 6/49 selection and $2 in an Encore draw, bringing his total winnings to $5,000,030.

Llido was at home on Thanksgiving Day when he scanned his ticket using the OLG App and discovered he'd won. 

He was so excited to show his wife - the pair had dreamt about winning before - that he initially misread his spoils and thought he’d won just $5,000.

"I showed it to my wife, and she pointed out that it was a $5 million win," he said in an OLG release issued on November 7.

"We scanned it again to make sure it was real and counted the zeroes. Then we started to cry tears of joy and hugged each other – it was so unbelievable."

While he'll take some time to figure out what to do with his winnings, Llido said his children's future would take priority. Some of the money will be invested on their behalf, and the whole family will take a trip to celebrate.

"It was an emotional experience as my wife and I processed how much this money would impact our family," he said.

"We've dreamt of winning before and joked that $5 million would be the perfect amount."

The winning ticket was purchased at Circle K on Finch Avenue in North York.

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