Toronto speeding ticket

A Toronto driver got 12 speeding tickets in the same place in one month

A single speeding ticket is usually all it takes to get a driver to slow down. But not always.

According to newly released data from the City, one Toronto driver was caught speeding a staggering 12 times on Brant Street south of Adelaide Street West in August alone.

The driver was one of 1,400 "repeat offenders" captured by Toronto’s speed cameras, called Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) devices, during the last month of summer. 

Located in Community Safety Zones across the city, the 50 devices doled out a total of 25,224 tickets in August, and another 23,163 in September.

September saw fewer repeat offenders, at 1,118, but three drivers were nabbed more often than most.

In the span of a month, one driver received six tickets for speeding on Park Lane Circle near 60 Park Lane Circle, another got six tickets for speeding on Mill Road north of Burnhamthorpe Road, and a third was caught speeding four times on Denison Avenue south of Grange Avenue.

The majority of tickets in both months - 2,356 in August and 2,279 in September - were issued on Parkside Drive south of Algonquin Avenue. 

So far in 2022, the cameras have captured 247 instances of “excessive speeding” when a vehicle exceeds the speed limit by 50 km/h or more. The highest speed detected thus far was 146 km/h in a 50 km/h zone on Martin Grove Road north of Garfella Drive.

ASE tickets don’t incur any demerit points and don’t affect a person’s driving record. Fines are determined by how fast a driver was travelling over the speed limit.

49 of the 50 devices have now been moved to new locations to help reduce speeding across the city. The camera located on Parkside Drive will remain in place for the next few months due to the frequency of offenses captured on the stretch of road.

The current locations of Toronto’s speed cameras can be found here.

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