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Terrifying truck crash on Toronto's Highway 401 was all caught on video

The 401 is known for its breakneck speeds and constant gridlock, a poorly-matched combination that nearly ended in catastrophe on Tuesday night.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Highway Safety Division shared a shocking video on its social media channels on Wednesday, showing a three-vehicle collision along what is arguably considered the busiest stretch of highway in North America.

The video states that "At about 11:30 last night the OPP were called to a three-vehicle collision, Highway 401 eastbound near Curtis Road."

"A transport truck collided into the rear of another transport truck that had slowed due to traffic congestion ahead. A third vehicle was damaged as it struck some of the debris."

The clip shared by the OPP shows a truck rear-end the slow-moving truck ahead at high speed, resulting in an apparent burst of flame and smoke, as well as a trail of debris.

Luckily, none of the occupants were seriously injured, though the OPP stated that "The driver of that first transport truck sustained minor injuries. He was charged with careless driving."

But even though tragedy was somehow averted, it hasn't stopped members of the public from raising concerns over this stretch of highway.

Another commenter suggests that "autonomous and assisted driving can't come soon enough," to eliminate situations like this that are likely the product of human error.

Others call for stiffer penalties to be imposed on drivers for such dangerous collisions.

The OPP says that, despite the apparent chaos seen in the clip, all lanes reopened not long after the incident.

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OPP Highway Safety Division

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