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Flat-Earther tries to use Toronto to prove silly point and is immediately shot down

Astronomers, mathematicians, and explorers have known since around 300 BC that the Earth is a sphere, but some internet conspiracy theorists with a dubious understanding of science and an intense mistrust of proven science cling to the ancient belief that our planet is, in fact, flat.

Flat-Earthers exist in their own weird compartment of the internet that occasionally crosses paths with reality, like one recent case where one believer tried to make an example out ofย our fair city of Toronto.

One internet conspiracy theorist took to Twitter with a video of the 6ix's impressive skyline captured from across Lake Ontario in Western New York, claiming that the video in some way disproved the Earth's well-established curvature.

It didn't take long for this ridiculous claim to be debunked, with a few commenters piling on that the clip of the distant skyline actually proves the opposite of the flat-Earther's claim.

Anyone familiar with the Toronto skyline can immediately tell that the lower few hundred feet of buildings and the waterfront itself are obscured by water.

However, I can imagine a country bumpkin who has never been to a big city would have trouble fathoming our skyline at its full height.

But many following the thread remain unwilling to listen to logical counterarguments, pejoratively referring to the majority of Earth residents who consider their planet spherical as "globers."

Even when confronted with the conspicuously absent bottoms of buildings, supporters of the wild theory have a long list of unscientific explanations that they use to self-validate, ranging from bending light acting as a lens to "Lucifer blinding peoples minds."

They'll surely call me a sheep for this, but that's a price I'm willing to pay.

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Top J. Quark

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