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Wild photos show menacing wall of cloud blackening the morning skies over Toronto

It looked like the enormous mothership from pre-slap but post-Fresh Prince era Will Smith's summer blockbuster Independence Day arrived over Toronto on Friday, with social media posts showing a menacing wall of cloud that blackened skies over the city in the morning hours.

Photos began to appear on Twitter just after 10 a.m., showing a single large cloud rolling in over Lake Ontario and bearing down on the city.

Known as a "shelf cloud" or "arcus cloud," these systems mark the leading edge of a weather system and make for some spectacularly surreal views of dark skies in the middle of the day.

For a brief period, the city was darkened by the dense shelf cloud.

Some of the shots posted to Twitter look borderline apocalyptic, but despite the menacing cloud, the ensuing system was actually rather light compared to the violent summer storms the city was experiencing just weeks ago.

It's hard to believe these views weren't accompanied by other telltale signs of a serious storm.

Wider views from elevated positions, like one series of photos captured from the Mount Pleasant and Eglinton area, show the system dumping rain on the city as the system moved east like a dark curtain.

In the end, the storm eased off almost as quickly as it moved in with a lot more bark than bite, though scattered showers persist across the city, and you can expect soggy conditions to continue for most of the next week.

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