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Video of tourist marvelling at Toronto's landmarks goes viral and it's easy to see why

A hilarious and undeniably wholesome video of a tourist's first time visiting certain spots in Toronto is going viral on social media today, and upon viewing the clip, it's not hard to see why.

The traveler, who goes by the username evanthebouncy on Reddit, decided to share a video of themself in utter awe of the city's design while traversing the SkyWalk, gazing over the train tracks at Union Station and visiting Ripley's Aquarium of Canada.

In the minute-and-a-half clip, the newcomer repeatedly remarks on what they consider a specifically Toronto characteristic: buildings being outfitted with so many windows and full of so much natural light that it makes those passing through them feel like they're basically outdoors.

"Look! It's outside, but also inside!" the filmer enthusiastically marvels numerous times in the video, which people are finding absolutely charming and adorable.

"I think Toronto people can go colonize Mars because they never have to go outside, they're used to it," they add at one point, admiring the pedestrian bridges spanning the Union Rail Corridor.

"Look how much of outside they've made inside!"

Once they get to Ripley's, things get even better, as we are shown an apparently outdoor setting that is, yes, actually inside the building.

"Look at this wonderful scenery outside, but inside!" they say, panning the camera from the replicated waterfront scene of the aquarium's Shoreline Gallery up to the lights installed on the ceiling above.

Then, they get to the animals at the attraction, noting excitedly as they film the partially open top tank designs, "These fish are inside, and these fish are outside... but also inside!"

In just over 12 hours, the video has garnered 1.7k upvotes and more than 250 comments in the Toronto subreddit, where people are clearly enjoying it.

While some joke that the original poster must have stopped at one of Toronto's countless dispensaries before the little trek, others are simply loving their vibe and sense of wonder about what locals may usually find unremarkable.

"It's just incredible, that's all. I think since you live here it's not even special, but for a visitor, it's insane," the poster further explains in the comments. "You have a wonderful city."

They also seem happy to take recommendations on where to hit up next, from the PATH to Brookfield Place. And, of course, people are asking for more reaction videos of them experiencing these places for the first time, hopefully full of the same entertaining commentary.

The feel-good video offers a new perspective and appreciation for things about Toronto that likely go unnoticed in the day-to-day lives of residents, who may hopefully look at the city a little differently after watching it.

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