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Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto is getting a mutant lobster with three claws

Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto has been making a habit out of rescuing lobsters lately, and their most recent rescue isn't just a rare cool colour: he actually has three claws.

They've named the lobster Edward Scissorhands, or just Edward for short. He has three claws, and they can all be controlled independently.

The lobster comes to them from Lobster Hub Inc., which is actually a food wholesaler that Ripley's has taken lobsters from before.

"They got in touch with us this week when they found Edward and realised how special he is," a Ripley's representative tells blogTO. 

"We've taken some lobsters from them before so they knew Edward would be in good hands, or claws, with us here at Ripley's."

Edward is currently in transit on his way from the Nova-Scotia-based wholesaler to Ripley's.

"Mutations such as this are rare in lobsters, especially as Edward can move all three of his claws independently, which is a super interesting mutation," says the representative.

They're expecting Edward to arrive at Ripley's this week, noting that shipping is trickier around this time of year and of course great care must be taken with the precious cargo.

When he gets to the aquarium, he'll slowly be acclimatized to the water, matching things like temperature and salinity so they don't shock the li'l lobster.

He'll then need to quarantine in a special holding vessel and will go on exhibit to the public after 40 days if he doesn't show any issues with things like feeding or illnesses.

"This is for his safety and the safety of the other animals to ensure that he doesn't carry any diseases from the outside that would transmit to others in our care," Ripley's director of husbandry Kevin McAvoy tells blogTO.  (Sound familiar?)

"We're very happy to be giving him a new and happy home."

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Ripley's Aquarium

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