toronto frost advisory

Frost advisory issued for Toronto as temperatures plummet

Say it ain't so, weather goblins in the sky!

With more than a week to go before we've even enjoyed the spooky fogs of Halloween, Environment Canada has issued a frost advisory for the City of Toronto.

That's right, frost — as in the plant-killing, finger-hurting harbinger of winter.

"Frost may damage some crops in frost-prone areas," wrote the federal weather agency in an alert issued Thursday afternoon.

"Temperatures are expected to drop to near zero degrees Celsius early Friday morning in some areas. Cover up plants, especially those in frost-prone areas. Take preventative measures to protect frost-sensitive plants and trees."

EnviroCan says that frost advisories are issued whenever temperatures are "expected to reach the freezing mark during the growing season." This is because frost can damage and even destroy plants or crops.

While annoying and chilly, the alert does not signify any immediate threat to human life. I'd bring gloves with you if you head outside tonight, however, as temps are forecasted to reach just 1 C overnight in the city.

Some parts of Ontario will be in for worse in terms of winter weather; Environment Canada just issued its first travel advisory of the season in anticipation of snow for Hanover, Dundalk, Southern Grey County, Owen Sound, Blue Mountain and Northern Grey County.

Fortunately, at least in Toronto, temperatures are expected to shoot right back up to nice over the weekend.

Meteorologists are expecting a high of 15 C with nothing but sun in the sky on Friday, with highs of 15 C and 17 C for Saturday and Sunday respectively.

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