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Toronto tourist attraction gets dragged into viral video that suggested discrimination

A tourist attraction in downtown Toronto is getting dragged a bit of drama in recent days. 

Little Canada, located near Yonge-Dundas Square, is an indoor attraction that celebrates Canada on a miniature scale, through meticulously crafted models and displays. 

In video footage uploaded to social media, a person is seen getting upset after social media accounts alleged they got kicked out of Little Canada because an employee claimed they were making people uncomfortable. 

The person is seen wearing berry-coloured high heels, print leggings, a black crop top, and a hat, while shouting "disrespect, no morals, no values, ignorant!" 

Another person chimes in, saying "I don't care, I'm on his side," and "you guys are f*cking evil." 

The caption of the footage uploaded to social media reads, "homophobia has no place in Canada!"

It is unclear what led to the altercation, and it is not clear whether the person actually got kicked out due to them making others "uncomfortable." 

The situation has forced Little Canada to defend itself, clarifying that the incident caught on video had nothing to do with them, and was instead an "altercation" that took place in the lobby of their building, 10 Dundas St. East across from Yonge-Dundas Square.

Little Canada's statement went on to say that their staff members had nothing to do with the incident

No information has yet been made available what exactly occurred in the lobby of the building that to led to the footage seen in the video.

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