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Toronto Star owners are feuding and hefty job cuts could be on the line

The relationship between owners of the Toronto Star have reached a boiling point, and their communication is said to be "irrevocably impaired" after months of failing to see eye-to-eye.

The ongoing clash involves Paul Rivett, chairman and co-proprietor of Torstar, and Jordan Bitove, publisher of the Toronto Star and co-proprietor of Torstar. 

In an application filed on Sept. 2 to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Rivett, along with his holding company Tevir Investments Inc., say they are seeking a court order to dissolve NordStar Capital, a partnership created by Rivett and Bitove to purchase Torstar in May 2020. 

"There is a complete deadlock between Rivett and Bitove...they can no longer work together," the application reads. 

Rivett's proposed solution for the deadlock is for the company to be sold under a court order, where the two sides have a chance to bid for NordStar's assests. If neither party is interested, the application proposes to sell it in a public auction. 

Rivett's application says that NordStar is in breach of a debt agreement, and while he wants to sell some of the company's real estate to pay it off, Bitove is refusing. 

The suit also asks the court to keep Torstar from firing "senior and indispensable employees. "Given the operational state of the companies, the applicants, employees of the controlled companies, and Torstar's news readers all stand to suffer irreparable harm if interim relief is not granted," the application says. 

While the future of the partnership seems uncertain, no court hearing has been scheduled, and no allegations in the suit have been proven in court as of yet. 

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