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Marina Glogovac

The Toronto Star has a new CEO and she's already apologizing for her tweets

Sometimes people have a rough first day on the job, but usually it's not so rough that they need to take to social media and immediately apologize.

Such is the case for the Toronto Star's new CEO Marina Glogovac who some pointed out was quick to delete some controversial tweets after being given the new role. 

Many of the tweets in question highlighted her distrust of vax passports, even going as far as comparing Canada to living in a communist country.

People were quick to jump into the controversy, with many expressing their disapproval for her views and questioning how her bosses at Torstar, the owner of the Toronto Star, could have let these slide.

To her credit, Glogovac chose not to let the criticism go unaddressed and replied to several tweets apologizing if her "personal views offended anyone."

Glogovac is no stranger to the spotlight. She was once CEO of Lavalife, the dating website whose popularity waned once apps like Tinder and Bumble came on the scene.

She also worked at Kobo, the e-reader manufacturer that essentially saved Indigo after it was sold to a Japanese company for $315 million.

More recently, Glogovac was CEO of fundraising platform CanadaHelps.

Her recent tweets on the state of the pandemic have also raised eyebrows.

Glogovac seems to be taking it all in stride so far, clarifying that her views as a private citizen have nothing to do with hew new role.

Readers and critics of the Toronto Star may not be convinced.

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