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Toronto cyclists ring the alarm over dangerous bike lane that continuously floods and freezes

Cyclists and residents in Toronto's west-end have been sounding the alarm over the very dangerous conditions of a busy portion of the Bloor Street bike lane.

Let me introduce you to the infamous Bloordale Pond, a portion of the bike lane immediately at Bloor and Dufferin that has become a stagnant pond and sometimes ice rink.

Local resident and artist Shari Kasman has been emailing the city for months looking for a way to remedy the mess, she is also the brains behind its name. 

As she tells blogTO, the pond didn't become an extremely annoying nuisance until the city put up a yield sign directly beside the bike lane, making it impossible for cyclists to divert the sludge water.

It's also nearly impossible to bike around the pond as it is situated in front of the New Horizons Tower where taxis pull up to drop off elderly residents.

Kasman says the flooding is due to inadequate draining, place on the other side of the ride, where the pipe is extremely thin and basically does nothing.

"A cigarette butt could clog it," she says.

Last winter the pond actually froze over, creating a potential dangerous accident just waiting to happen.

toronto bike lanes

Frozen shot of the Bloordale Pond. Photo from Shari Kasman. 

It happens so regularly that if you search up Bloordale Pond it's actually listed on Google.

A statement from the city sent to Kasman last winter and forwarded to blogTO states that "unfortunately, ponding will occur due to the change in temperature and we are looking into solutions for this issue."

So, what does the city say now?

"City crews investigated the site and are currently working on a permanent solution to the issue of a blocked drainage pipe at this location. In the interim, bike lane sweepers will be cleaning and draining this location more often to make sure it's safe and passable until a permanent fix is installed."

Watch out for the pond, bikers!

Lead photo by

Shari Kasman

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